The 1980’s


From “Who shot JR?” to the fall of the Berlin wall, “Another one bites the dust” to Band Aid.

With a host of sold out shows across the country, earning us the title “The Ultimate 80’s Party Band” we are proving to be Britain’s most popular and longest running 80’s tribute band.

Remember these?

Rubik’s Cube – Cabbage Patch Dolls – Betamax VCRs – shoulder pads – pencil ties – big hair – Sinclair C5 – DeLorean Cars – The Young Ones – Fame – Dallas – The Tube – Only Fools and Horses and Yuppies?

It featured 2 Royal weddings, ET, Back To The Future, Dirty Dancing, Top Gun.  The 80s gave birth to Channel 4, the Sony Walkman, Eastenders, Now compilations, Trivial Pursuit and MTV!  Throw in Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher, Prince, Madonna and LIVE AID!

Need We Say More?!?!

Over our 18 years performing we have appeared with  80’S LEGENDS such as; ABC, GO WEST, LIMAHL (KAJAGOOGOO) and JAKI GRAHAM. We have built a song repertoire featuring over 60 artists of the decade from ADAM ANT to WHAM!, covering all genres from NEW ROMANTIC to SKA via HEAVY ROCK and ELECTRONICA so there’s something to please everyone!! Our shows are high energy party nights featuring costume changes, “guest star” appearances and crowd participation….

We promise you’ll have

The Time Of Your Life!

The Ultimate 80’s Tribute Band

Ideal entertainment for your wedding, party or themed night!

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